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Jilin liaoyuan northeast of the titer industry survey report on the rise of the north China

2017-08-11  Haiyan Golden Gate Socks Industry Co., Ltd Views 548

At 8:30 in the morning, fu xiaoxiang of the northeast sock park began the last process of stocking the socks. Even the mechanically advanced textile industry requires careful manual assurance of the comfort of the socks.

Heard a reporter to interview, Fu Xiaoxiang seem to be as cool as a cucumber, their work has not stopped - speaking, she met a lot of journalists, foreign television reporters to park last year, the object is her.

She has been in this job for nine years. In 2012, she and her colleagues produced 1.5 billion pairs of socks, which laid the national stocking pattern of the "southern and northern liaoyuan". In this year, the production of cotton socks in northeast China's sock garden reached the first place in the country, and the industrial scale was the second highest in the country.

Fu Xiaoxiang don't know if it is brought by the transformation of innovation achievements, but she is the most intuitive feel in northeast hosiery garden after it was established in 2005, the country's car to carry cargo, new loom more and more advanced, the campus building in the expansion of the "everyday.

A company that seems to have grown up suddenly has a strong shockwave across the country.

On December 21, 2012, the national textile industry cluster pilot's 10th annual work commendation meeting, the northeast of the company was the top of 18 textile industry cluster areas. The northeast textile industry alone, the national sock industry is the only one.

"Why doesn't the sock? What is the development of the park? It is the unique business model of transformation and innovation. This is the most spoken word of jiang wei, secretary of the municipal committee of liaoyuan. "There are 535 hosiery enterprises in the northeast, and the garden is dead, and the garden is alive!"

Localization transformation

The "stick" in the "sugar gourd"

If the whole park is compared to a sugar gourd, then the enterprises in the park are the hawthorn, the service is the sugar, the park is the club of sugar gourd.

2005 was a "watershed" for the liaoyuan garter industry.

Before, liaoyuan of the scale small, equipment lag, husband and wife opened shop, the basket small sell phenomenon is widespread. For this reason, liaoyuan has tried to integrate the resources of the garter industry several times, but it is often the "new bottle old wine", whether it is to set up the sock industry association, or to organize large investment conference, the effect is not obvious.

In August 2005, the first industrial park in northeast China, which was built by private enterprises, started construction. Tian zhongjun is the chairman and general manager of northeast China's sock garden. From now on, the northeast sock garden undertakes to integrate the liaoyuan industry resources.

It is accompanied by the new enterprise positioning of northeast sock park - "system industry service provider". The operation mode is "platform + service" and "the stick in the sugar gourd".

"If the whole park is compared to a sugar gourd, then the enterprises in the park are the hawthorn, the service is the sugar, the park is the club of the sugar gourd. The role of the park is to use resources to integrate the enterprises in the park. It's a complicated thing, and it becomes very vivid in the mouth of tanaka.

According to the "sugar gourd" theory, the northeast Chinese sock garden will split up all the industrial chain of the liaoyuan sock industry, and make the special weaving, sewing, sewing, dyeing and finishing special... Even the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are so, there are specialized raw materials, there are special sales, there are specialized logistics... And recycling market transactions, the relationship between the of all kinds enterprise together on the industry chain, has completed the integration of industry resources and factors of production, separation and combination, make the enterprise to have a clear division of responsibilities, cooperate closely, each enterprise from the original "conveniently small" into "big and special", a single enterprise, industry chain enterprises, industry chain bold significantly elongated, quickly developed into hosiery industry cluster.

"In the park, the raw materials will be sent to the workshop, the products will be sold for you, you just focus on knitting socks!" As a representative of the traditional garter industry, li guanghui, general manager of the company, said it was the right decision to make. "From my reality, in the sock garden, machine equipment, transportation, warehousing, capital scheduling, repair and accessories are all matched, and the industrial advantages of a dragon are too obvious. At the rate of development, it hasn't changed much in the next decade or so, and I've multiplied it here. As long as the management is keeping up, I can deal with any competition." Li's words are full of confidence.

Professional refinement and specialization of labor division, made the hosiery competition implements differentiation, due to the height of the hosiery production elements gathered at the same time, greatly reduce the cost each hosiery enterprise resource configuration. Adam Smith illustrates in the wealth of nations that the division of labor has led to a great increase in efficiency, and the development of the sock garden exemplifies his views again.

In the northeast, the company has won the second prize of the national enterprise modernization management innovation achievement, the first batch of "demonstration platform of public service platform of textile industry cluster". The biggest selling point and core competitiveness are the park's enterprise positioning and innovation park development mode. The traditional sock industry is upgraded quickly and with vigorous vitality.

Concept of transformation

"Stupid, stupid, stupid" mode of development

The so-called "stupid" is about the exclusive and persistent of the sock industry. "Stupid", says "make sure your partner makes more money than you do!" The so-called "MAO Lena", said is ahead.

Tanaka is a typical manchurian, with a lot of dialect in his speech. "Over the years, our development philosophy has been these words -- stupid, stupid, stupid."

The so-called "stupid" is about the exclusive and persistent of the sock industry.

When the reporter went to the sock garden, the atmosphere of the garter industry was felt before entering the park. A kilometer of street near the building, all related to socks: China sock trading market, socks university, China's standard setting center...

Mr. Tanaka is said, the park set up many organizations, in addition to set up socks test center, also including the network information service platform, marketing planning, investment advisory services platform, service platform comprehensive service platform and human resources service platform. These platforms, like strong magnetic fields, attract a steady stream of people from the company.

"The most needed service is innovation," he said. "only by increasing the independent research and development of the sock enterprises can we truly open up a day for the liaoyuan stocking industry."

To this end, the research and development department has been working hard and hard to increase the color variety, develop health care function, improve product quality, improve the production process, and develop new products. By strengthening the integration of production and scientific research, we will improve the added value of socks products. At the same time, efforts to implement long-withering hosiery brand strategy, pay attention to the popular market, actively carry out the brand marketing, the demand of the research direction and special field, with the fashion trend, factors such as the development of emerging markets, to promote long-withering hosiery transformation and upgrading.

"Stupid", says "make sure your partner makes more money than you do!"

By the end of 2012, the enterprise in northeast China's sock park was increasing at the rate of 100 households per year, with the average incubation rate of enterprises reaching 112%, and the average annual production capacity increased by 73%. Everybody runs here, the main reason, it really makes money here.

Stability of college students the boss zhang liang said into his business, he alone outside business fail many times, loan amount is the most headache problem, to pay, don't know what time later capital chain is broken. At the foot of the sock garden, we get hardware and financial support, a person 10 machines, a workshop 300 square meters, every machine 20,000 yuan loans, all are free of charge. "It was a shock to me! Now more than 30 machines, now annual output of more than 2 million yuan, really make money! I've decided to stay here for a long time."

In 2012, labor shortage and price increase of raw material and auxiliary materials caused difficulties in production enterprises, which directly led to higher product costs and increased export pressure. Costs continue to rise, but Mr. Tanaka is not price, not the cost pressures on to their customers, but through careful management and cost control for hosiery garden profitable, although profit margin much smaller, but won the applause.

The so-called "MAO Lena", said is ahead.

"In 2010, Italy produced the world's most advanced loom," says huang xiuju, deputy general manager of the northeast China's sock garden. We all want to try some advanced and find the order and import it in large quantity. However, tian always broke the rules and bought 500 units without orders or market, so that our technical level suddenly stepped into the world's advanced ranks. Italian equipment providers were shocked at the time, because there was never a merchant to buy so many. As it turns out, we did the right thing. The 500 looms have brought us not only technology but also an open market!"

Tian zhongjun, one of the other people, laughed: "a table is not ten dishes, and four or five dishes will be able to open the table. During the construction period of the sock garden, the two billion dual-capacity, 1,000,000 square meters of industrial land, 1.4 billion yuan of pre-investment, and 80,000 industrial workers' support... A set of record Numbers surprised me. There is a risk, but the speed must be fast to seize the opportunity."

The following set of Numbers witness the rapid development of the sock project:

It took 120 days to sign the first batch of 21 companies from the construction of the northeast sock project.

From the completion of the inception to the completion of 150 million double capacity, 250 million yuan of output value, 220 days;

It took two years and four months to complete the foundation of the foundation to be named "the home of Chinese cotton socks" by the Chinese knitting association.

From the completion of the inception to the production capacity of 1.5 billion, the production capacity jumped to second place in the country, seven years.

When it comes to the development of the northeast sock garden, the head of the surfers' company, which specializes in the company, is very surprised. She said that it took nearly 40 years for zhe's sock industry, and that it took just seven years for the northeast garter garden to be a miracle!

Market transition

Put Beckham in "liaoyuan"

"If Beckham is still playing in the major leagues this year, he will be wearing the 'liaoyuan' from the northeast foot of the sock garden." Huang xia's words aroused the reporter's keen interest.

Following the successful landing of the basketball sports socks in the northeast of liaoning province, the us adidas brand agent signed a large order with the northeast stocking park. The first supply of 300,000 pairs of socks has been worn on the feet of major league soccer players. The second and third batch of supply contracts have been signed.

Not long ago, the northeast tights garden successfully docked with the international famous brand puma, and signed 22.4 million double orders, which became the manufacturer of puma brand sports socks. At this point, adidas, puma, Nike world three famous sports brands, two brands have entered the park.

"Whatever the means, we must explore the international market! This relates to the future life and death of the enterprise!" Although it is only traditional to label the production, but tanaka thinks this is a domestic enterprise to enter the international market around the corner.

This year, the northeast sock garden continues to move toward the international park, and the Nike brand will enter the park. In addition, the dongbei sock garden also planned the layout of the park products of 1 billion pairs of foreign trade, 1 billion stores in supermarkets and 1 billion in wholesale markets. Now, the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other international well-known large companies in a dozen countries have to come to discuss cooperation matters, like snowflakes flying brand at home and abroad orders.

"Although the profit is very low for large enterprises, this is the only way to develop our sock garden, which is in line with our development stage. Companies need to grow steadily, and growth is a solid thing, and the card is not equal to the independent brand, but can cultivate the independent brand. We can get Beckham to wear our socks, and he will wear our own brand socks in the future! Huang Xia said.

Ming is proposed in the 12th five-year plan outline, to take advantage of advanced technology improve production capacity, promote hosiery product differentiation, functional development, to establish a multi-channel marketing system, to make long-withering national cotton socks research and development center, production center, exhibition promotion center, wholesale distribution center, information center, built with international influence of China's emerging textile hosiery base.

It is not hard to see that the socks have become the representative products of the international market in liaoyuan city. The dongbei sock garden is also relying on the transformation of a traditional industry, an innovation of business philosophy, weaving an industry and the globalization of a city.